90% of fiduciaries breach their duty BY FAILING TO PRUDENTLY REDUCE UNCOMPENSATED RISK.

YOU BREACHED YOUR DUTY if your Investment Policy Statement fails to discuss management of uncompensated risk.

If you failed to prudently manage uncompensated risk, you could be LIABLE FOREVER.

To all fiduciaries including trustees, investment committee members & financial advisors re the need to reduce uncompensated risk:

Did you know that you’ve breached your fiduciary duty if your Investment Policy Statement doesn’t specifically address how uncompensated risk is managed? Moreover, there is no statute of limitation protection until that breach is cured. This means you could be liable forever. This was made clear in the unanimous Supreme Court decision Tibble v. Edison International.

Protect yourself from this type of fiduciary liability. PFA has the expertise to help you eliminate and manage your uncompensated risk using our proprietary, analytical tools and the power of Big Data. Learn more.


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