Find Out – FOR SURE – Your Financial Liability Exposure

With just a few minutes of your time to complete a simple worksheet, we’ll screen your portfolio and provide you with a report that will tell you whether your portfolio meets the fiduciary standards for the prudent & reasonable reduction in uncompensated risk.* Finding out couldn’t be easier, and there’s no obligation or cost. Get your liability-exposure-screening from Precision Fiduciary Analytics.

Download Excel: NewYear-Diversification-Checkup-Worksheet (30)

Follow the instructions; Fill in the information; Send the Excel worksheet as instructed; Expect to secure your screening report in 3 business days

It’s that easy to find out FOR SURE!

*“In understanding a trustee’s duties with respect to the management of risk, it is useful to distinguish between diversifiable (or “uncompensated”) risk and market (or non-diversifiable) risk that is, in effect, compensated through pricing in the marketplace. Failure to diversify on a reasonable basis in order to reduce uncompensated risk is ordinarily a violation of both the duty of caution and duties of care and skill.” RESTATEMENT OF TRUSTS 3rd VOL. 8 1992  Note: Most Error and Omission Insurance Policies do not cover fiduciary breach of duties.